xBlues #3 - 9pm Saturday, Sept 20th

No bathroom facilities - use the bathroom before coming! BRING WARM CLOTHES

Entertainment happens at 9pm! Don't miss it!

Directions: Drive past the Legion of Honor (on your left) towards the ocean. Take a right at the tee and go to the first stop sign. Do not park before this stop sign. Park quietly in the neighborhood PAST the stop sign. THIS IS A NO TALKING ZONE. Not even whispering. Be in super-secret, sneaky-hidey mode. Walk back past the stop sign and find the path on the right side (about 50' past the last house on the right), there may be some glow to show you the way. Follow the path, keep quiet with your lights DIMMED/covered. There is a wooden deck along the right of the path, once past that you you can talk and use your full lights. Follow the path (~15 min), there are three intersections, there will be light to show you the right way.

BRING: Comfortable shoes (no dance shoes), WARM clothes, Light source (flashlight, headlamp), Water/libations if desired