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        make faq make_faq
        perlc perlc - convert perl to C code or executables to "hide" your source
        scurvy scurvy - screenplay / scriptwriting script writing tool
        site index site_index - Multi-page HTML site index generator for multiple domains
        spigot spigot - turn on and off text file output
        tcp forward tcp_forward
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    WordsOverEasy Words Over Easy
    all DaveSource Marginal Hacks
        sqlite3 hash Album: pkg
        xags Manpage of XAGS
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        best-ski-resorts-united-states 10 Best Ski Resorts in the US
    invite Gang Time! Hail, Hail, the Gang's All Here!
    Site Index Hierarchy: GangTime.com


    Album LindyBooty! Lindy Booty
    Contact Contact Information
        Advertising Contact Information
        Photo Rights Contact Information
        Photos Contact Information
        BootyCall LindyBooty - BootyCall
        FYLBooty FYLBooty
        FinalBooty LindyBooty - FinalBooty
        LindyBooty Evite: Lindy Booty.
        Luau LindyBooty Luau
        Reunion ReunionBooty
        ScaryBooty Evite: Spooky Booty.
        ValentineBooty Evite: ValentineBooty.
        WeenieBooty 'WeenieBooty
    Memoirs Album: Memoirs
    Party LindyBooty! Lindy Booty
        Found Album: Found
        History LindyBooty! Lindy Booty
        Staff LindyBooty! Lindy Booty
    Site Index Hierarchy: LindyBooty.com

DanceBlues.com / BluesDance.com


    Invite Problems DaVite
    spam DaVite is *not* a spam site
    Site Index Hierarchy: DaVite.com


    Album Album: Album
        1553-Fulton Album: 1553 Fulton St,
        1971-1984.Childhood Album:
        1985-1989.High School Album:
        1989-1994.College Album: 1989-1994 College
        1994-1998.Colorado Album: 1994-1998 Colorado
        1998 Album: 1998
        1999 Album: 1999
        2000 Album: 2000
        2001 Album: 2001
        2002 Album: 2002
        2003 Album: 2003
        2004 Album: 2004
        2005 Album: 2005
        2006 Album: 2006
        2007 Album: 2007
        2008 Album: 2008
        2009 Album: 2009
        2010 Album: 2010
        2011 Album: 2011
        2012 Album: 2012
        2013 Album: 2013
        2014 Album: 2014
        2015 Album: 2015
        2016 Album: 2016
        2017 Album: 2017

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